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We’ve all been in situations where we felt helpless…

...weak or unprepared to protect ourselves, or the people we love.

What if you never had to feel unprepared again?

“I don’t have to feel afraid walking to my car at night anymore.”
“I’m finally comfortable in my own skin; and I don’t get winded climbing up stairs!”
“I love that my kids feel safe with me. They know I can protect them.”

Whether you’re coming in as an experienced athlete, or straight off the couch, you'll build strength and confidence at Total Defense El Paso.

We equip and train individuals to protect themselves and their loved ones through physical fitness and self-defense.

We offer family-friendly training for both armed and unarmed self-defense, such as:

  • Krav Maga (self-defense for adults, teens, and kids)
  • Fitness challenges
  • Conditioning classes
  • Firearms use and safety courses
  • Concealed carry (CCW) classes

Stop in or get in touch, and we’ll get you started!

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