We teach unarmed self-defense and armed self-defense under the same roof.

Our students desire to feel prepared and confident to protect themselves and the people they love.

Krav Maga, physical fitness training, and armed self-defense (firearms training and CCW training) come together at Total Defense El Paso to equip you to meet any challenge confidently.

A brief history of Total Defense El Paso from Richie Hatch, President:

I started the Krav Maga MMA Academy because I’ve always enjoyed training people in Krav Maga (unarmed self-defense). The positive impact on others has been more than I can describe. The Krav Maga system helps a lot of people.

I’ve seen domestic violence situations end. I’ve seen women use the confidence they gained from the training to stop a sexual assault. I’ve seen an overall increase in the confidence people need to face life simply. It’s a fantastic tool for men, women, and children.

Why do we train both Krav Maga and armed self-defense?

I believe that self-defense is a collection of tools. Most people believe that whatever tool teach have is the be-all, end-all of self-defense. Instead, we combine disciplines to give our clients the set of tools they need and will actually use. We use Krav Maga and armed self-defense to give proven techniques and tools to the largest audience we can.

Some people don’t want to physically train enough to be proficient in unarmed self-defense. Others don’t want to own or carry a firearm. We meet you where you’re at and get you to a place of confidence and skill—with whatever combination of tools you’re most comfortable with.

Whether you want to gain confidence with Krav Maga or armed self-defense, let us find the right tool for you!


Our Mission

We help people gain confidence, and protect themselves and their loved ones with strength, fitness, and self-defense.

  • Always do the right thing – always.
  • Treat our clients and team members like family and friends.
  • Take a genuine interest in student progression and improvement.
  • Communicate clearly, quickly, and with kindness and respect.
  • Exceed expectations.
  • Take ownership and lead by example.

Our Values